When looking for the best top rated golf carts we will start with the oldest or most basic type first, the pull cart which is the least expensive. Then we will look at some popular push cart models, and then some even more advanced remote controlled or auto-folding golf carts. The last types of golf carts to look at, and the most expensive are the gas or electric carts that you see at the golf course, where you can ride along with your golf bag instead of pushing or pulling it across the golf course.

One thing you will want to know before we look at the different choices in golf carts is the difference between the pull cart and the push cart. The pull cart has two wheels and the push cart has either three wheels or four. Most golfers don’t use a pull cart since the advancement of the push cart, or sometimes referred to as the push/pull cart that can be used either way. The push/pull cart is much more stable and easy to use instead of the pull cart and has more features.

The Best Pull Golf Carts To Buy ( 2 Wheel )

The best pull carts to choose from range in price from about $30-50. Basic two wheeled pull carts don’t have many features but they are lightweight. Here are some popular choices in pull carts: (1) Founders Club 2 Wheel Trolley – Pull Cart with an easy fold design for storage, waterproof scorecard holder, and places to hold a pencil, tees and two golf balls. (2) Tangkula 2 Wheel Push Pull Cart Foldable Golf Swivel w/Scoreboard Pull Trolley – light, durable design, two foot brakes, removable wheels and easily foldable for storage, scoreboard with places for pencil, tees and two golf balls.

(3) Tangkula Foldable Pull Push Golf Cart Two Wheel Trolley Swivel Steel w/cup holder – easy to fold with removable wheels, scoreboard with places for tees, pencil, and two golf balls, cup holder for beverage. (4) Pinemeadow Golf Courier Lite 2 Wheel Golf Cart – One step fold up design, easy to install wheels, scoreboard with places for two golf balls, tees and a pencil, cup holder with water bottle.

The Best Push Golf Carts To Buy ( 3 and 4 Wheel )

You can find some three wheel push carts starting out at about $40, they are pretty much the same as the two wheeled carts, except for the extra wheel that adds more stability. The price goes up from there to about $300. I will start with a couple of basic three wheel carts that have more features than the two wheel carts, then progress to the more expensive four wheel carts with the most features. Here are a few three wheel carts: (1) Tangkula Folding Golf Cart 3 Wheels Lightweight Golf Club Push Pull Cart Trolley – all the basic features plus storage compartment and mesh net to put personal items in, umbrella and cup holders, price $63. (2) Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart – basic features along with easy one click fold-up design, storage compartment, umbrella holder and cup holder, price $120.

(3) Tangkula Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley with Seat Scoreboard Bag – Console and mesh net storage, umbrella holder, cup holder and adjustable stool, price $85 a good deal for all the features. (4) Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with Seat – basic features, comfortable seat with storage compartment, storage console and storage net, drink holder, price $140.

These are some good choices if you want a four wheel cart: (1) CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push cart – one click folding design, basket with built in cooler, mesh net, umbrella holder and storage rack, price $150. (2) Clickgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart – easy fold design with high quality and reliability standards, handle mounted hand brake, four accessory tabs and two cup holders, umbrella holder, oversized console with magnetic closure, price $250.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

If you are looking for a good remote controlled golf cart that you won’t even have to push here are some choices with good reviews, they range in price from about $430-3,000: (1) Easy Trek Sport-Caddy Electric Cart – preset speeds with left, right, stop, and reverse functions, includes remote, battery and charger, scorecard and umbrella holder, price $430. (2) Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart – has dual 200 Watt motors and power off free wheeling, remote offers variable speeds, right, left, stop and reverse function, battery and charger, scorecard, umbrella, and drink holders, price $510.

(3) Spitzer Rl150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley – remote controlled in all four directions with variable speeds, battery lasts for a full 18 holes of play, price $1,080. (4) Stewart Golf X9 Follow Cart – hands free operation, cart follows you on the course with the latest Bluetooth technology and also has remote for manual operation, rechargeable lithium battery, price $3,000.

The Best Gas Or Electric Golf Carts

Both Gas and Electric carts are pretty close in price from most manufacturers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Gas golf carts have more horsepower and get about 150 miles on a tank of gas. Electric golf carts have less horsepower and have to be fully charged to get about two hours of continuous run time.

The top three manufacturers of golf carts are: E-Z-Go, Yamaha, and Ingersol Rand (Club Car). Gas and electric carts seem to range in price from about $3,000-15,000 unless you get them discounted or used. I would just suggest buying one of the top three major brands for quality, at a discount price if possible.

Buy The Cart That Suits Your Needs

Most people looking for golf carts would get a push golf cart because of the additional three or four wheel design for stability and easier use. They usually have more features than a basic pull cart too, like extra storage for personal items and places to mount things like an umbrella or seat.

I guess if you have the money for it you could get one of the remote control carts to make things easier, so that you can still get the benefit of walking for the exercise without pushing or pulling the cart around. If it’s too hard for you to get around the golf course physically then you will definitely need a gas or electric golf cart if it’s in the budget.