Before getting to what the best golf shoes for men in 2018 are, we need to first look at the different types of golf shoes, the materials they are made of and any other features they have. Your biggest decision will be whether you want spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Spiked golf shoes give you good stability in wet conditions and when driving the ball. I think they are the best choice, but spikeless shoes are becoming pretty popular because they are designed for better comfort, which is something you want to consider if you are walking the course.

Golf boots or sandals are other choices, not so common like golf shoes. The materials that your golf shoes, boots or sandals are made of are important when it comes to durability, waterproofing and how comfortable they are. When it comes to spikes you can choose either metal or plastic spikes. Metal spikes are still used by some golfers, but they tear up the greens. Plastic spikes are a good alternative, and the most commonly used.

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spiked or cleated golf shoes are made in variety of styles, they offer the best traction for all weather conditions and great stability for your golf swing, especially when driving the ball. Most spiked shoes are made to be waterproof. In recent years they are made to be more comfortable, lightweight and have better breathability.

The newest design in golf shoes is the spikeless golf shoe, which is made to be more like an everyday walking or running shoe. This type of shoe is made to very comfortable and lightweight. Instead of metal or plastic spikes, these shoes have either rubber spikes (which are smaller than the metal or plastic spikes) or rubber studs. Spikeless golf shoes have gained a lot of popularity and are used by the pro’s too.

Some concerns or disadvantages of the spikeless golf shoes are the limited traction, stability, and waterproofing, also you can’t change the spikes or studs when they get worn down.

Golf Boots and Golf Sandals

Golf boots or sandals could be a good choice for golfers who like to golf in all the different weather conditions. Golf boots are not that common, but they do have good practicle uses for colder weather and better ankle support. They also have better waterproof qualities.

Golf sandals offer great breathability for all those golfers that like summer golfing, or live in a hot climate. This type of golf shoe is more ideal for riding instead of walking, because the straps can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Golf Shoe Materials and Plastic or Metal Spikes

There are a lot of synthetic materials used in the golf shoes being made today. The new styles and designs are made of various microfibers and polyester, but usually still use leather in some parts of the shoe. Goretex is another material used in golf shoes mainly for its waterproof quality, it will keep your feet warm and dry but may not be a good choice on hot summer days.

Leather golf shoes are still a great choice for their durability and breathabilty. They are strong and stable fitting with great waterproof quality, but are more expensive that other types of golf shoes. The newer shoe designs which can be spiked or spikeless, with synthetic materials are becoming more popular among all golfers because they are very light and comfortable for walking.

When it comes to the different types of spikes, metal spikes were the first but they are not used much anymore for a couple reasons. One reason is that the spikes are damaging to the greens and some golf courses do not allow them. Another reason is that they are not as comfortable as golf shoes with plastic spikes which are the common choice of golfers today. Plastic spiked shoes are more comfortable and lightweight. They have better traction and flexibility than the metal spiked shoes and that’s why they are the most common of the spiked golf shoes.

The Best Golf Shoes for Men 2018

Two of the best golf shoes from footjoy the #1 brand currently are the: Footjoy Pro/SL and the Footjoy D.N.A. Helix. The Footjoy Pro/SL is a great lightweight, waterproof, spikeless golf shoe and is preferred by Adam Scott. The Footjoy D.N.A. Helix is a really great tour caliber spiked golf shoe with added stability which is also lightweight and waterproof.

Adidas Tour 360 2.0 is another favorite of the pros in fact it is the choice of Dustin Johnson. This shoe is made of durable materials like leather and rubber, it is comfortable, flexible, stable and waterproof. The Under Armour Speith One is, you guessed it, the preferred choice of Jordan Speith and has all the same qualities as the other spiked golf shoes listed, but has a removable footbed.

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 is the shoe that Matt Kuchar wears, it has a classic design with soft plastic replaceable spikes and dynamic traction plates for flexibility and stability. Nike Lunar Control Vapor is the choice of Rory McIlroy, it has an articulated integration traction outsole designed for better balance and traction.

ECCO, Puma, and Callaway also have popular new models of golf shoes that are spiked or spikeless too. Any of these choices would be good for beginners, intermediate golfers or professionals. The top brands listed above also have many other selections to choose from with similar features, but lower prices than the pro models.

Choosing Your Golf Shoes

Any of the choices in the best golf shoes for men 2018 would be great to have out on the course. The shoes that are used by the pros are pretty expensive, but they are the newest in design inspired by the suggestions of the pros. Plastic spiked or spikeless golf shoes are both very popular, but the spikeless are becoming more popular every day. Making your choice of what golf shoes you want should not be too hard, it mostly depends on whether you want spiked or spikeless shoes and your brand preference.