We will first look at the best golf club irons for beginners because they are designed for having the most forgiveness of all the iron sets out there, and forgiveness is exactly what you need when you are a beginner or high handicapper. Beginner irons typically have a larger club face and a cavity back with a wide sole, where most of the weight is, all of these features combined equal a bigger sweet spot on the face of the club. With a bigger sweet spot you can hit off center and still make a decent shot, unless you’re really far off to the toe or heel of the club.

There are also beginner iron sets that include hybrids, which are like a wood and an iron combined. Hybrid clubs usually are a 4, 5, or 6 iron club or clubs in your set. Along with newly designed hybrids and wedges we will also look at some of the best irons for intermediate players and the irons that are preferred by the pros too.

Best Golf Club Irons For Beginners

Cleveland Golf Mens Launcher HB (Hi-Bore) Iron Set is one of the best new iron sets you can get. They are the most forgiving set I’ve seen. These clubs seem to be nearly impossible to hit a bad shot with, you can hit straight with great distance consistently. Launcher HB clubs have a hybrid design that starts with a 4 hybrid progressively working down to a pitching wedge, the thick sole of these clubs make it easy to hit out of almost any lie.

The Callaway XR OS Irons are another favorite of beginners and high handicappers. These clubs have a cavity back that looks similar to other beginner clubs unlike the hybrid design of the Cleveland Launcher HB set. The large club face and wide sole of these clubs give you a high level of forgiveness and distance. Wilson Staff D200 irons are a good choice for beginners because they have heel and toe weights that produce a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness and a speed sole design for improved distance, they are also reasonably priced at about $250 a set. The Cleveland Launcher HB set is about $700 or more and the Callaway XR OS irons are $450 or more depending on the configuration of the set.

Another great set for the money is TaylorMade Aeroburner HL iron set, at just over $300 a set that’s a really good price for the brand, quality, and features needed for a beginner or high handicapper. The Aeroburner set was the original design prior to the newly designed M2’s. TaylorMade M2 irons are very popular with golfers of all levels and have improved distance over the TaylorMade Aeroburner HL set, but of course they are more expensive at about $700 a set.

Hybrid Irons And Newly Designed Wedges

A really good hybrid iron set for the right price is the Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set. This set has 3-PW with head covers and looks similar in design to the Cleveland Golf Launcher HB set, but it has a much better price at $330 and has a lot of 5 star reviews. Hybrid clubs are pretty expensive when you buy them separately, like the cost of a driver, so I would recommend buying a set of them if you like them better than regular irons. A lot of new iron sets come with a couple of hybrids in them already, or have the option of hybrids anyway and cost a little more than a regular iron set.

If you are looking for a wedge to improve your short game or shots out of the sand the C3i wedge is a new design that is getting a lot of attention. It works well for golfers of all handicap levels, since it is designed with a much wider sole that glides right between the ball and the sand, it also has a better loft angle so you don’t have to open the face of the club.

Best Golf Club Irons For Intermediate Players

Two of the best iron sets for intermediate players are also the ones commonly used by beginners and high handicappers. Those iron sets are the TaylorMade M2’s and the Callaway XR or the newer XR OS clubs. A couple other choices are the Cobra King F6 iron set and the Adams Golf New Idea iron set. The Cobra King F6 set has the forgiveness and distance that you want like a beginner club set but with added control and the Adams New Idea set is very forgiving, having straight trajectory and consistent distance with repeated shots.

The Cobra King F6 set is about $800 or more and the Adams New Idea set is around $500. Two other intermediate sets to consider are the Callaway Steelhead XR irons at around $500 or the Ping G30 irons at $600.

Golf Club Irons Used By The Pros

Here are some PGA tour golfers and the types of irons they use. Jordan Speith prefers Titleist 714 AP2 irons, Ricky Fowler uses Cobra King Forged MB irons, Phil Mickelson likes Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons and Charlie Hoffman uses Titleist 716 MB irons. Hideki Matsuyama has Srixon Z765 forged irons, Sergio Garcia uses TaylorMade PSi Tour irons, Rory McIlroy prefers Nike VR Pro blades, Jason Day likes to use the TaylorMade RSi TP irons. Those are some good examples of what the pros like to use.

What Irons Should You Choose ?

Most golfers will do well with one of the beginner iron sets or a hybrid iron set. The biggest obstacle to overcome will be how much you are willing to spend since the iron sets vary in price from about $250 to over $1000 depending on your preference of brand and exactly what clubs you want included in your set.

You probably won’t need to consider buying a professional set of irons unless you really have the skills to use them. The forgiveness of a beginner or high to mid-handicap iron set will work better for most golfers until they have improved their skills enough to make use of a pro tour iron set.