Best Golf Putters For 2018 – Blade and Mallet putters

  The best golf putters for 2018 include the ones shown at the PGA merchandise show, along with the ones preferred by PGA professional golfers. All the putters reviewed here are the best brands available for golfers who want the best performance from their putters. These putters cost more than those from lesser known golf […]

Golf Club Sets for Women – Best of 2018

This is a listing of golf club sets for women that are the most popular this year, and have the best quality for the price. Some of these are the same brands that are used by golfers in the LPGA, but since these are full club sets with the bag included they are different from […]

Top Rated Golf Putters For Beginners And Pros

There are basically three main types of putters, but there are a lot of different putter head designs, types of faces and inserts for those faces too depending on your choice of putter. The balancing of the putter is the factor that will likely be the most important to a beginner, the weight of the […]

Discount Golf Club Sets – What To Look For

The first thing to look at with discount golf club sets is whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. I am going to discuss beginner golf club sets first because they are the most affordable, and people who are looking for information on what clubs to buy are either new to the […]