Here is my list of the best new golf drivers 2018. This list was made from reviewing the new drivers that were shown at the PGA merchandise show 2018. Some of these drivers are also the choice of professional PGA tour golfers this year.

TaylorMade M3/M4/M4-D

These are the big three new release drivers for TaylorMade this year, the release date is Feb. 16th. All three of these drivers have the new twist face design, which is made to reduce the amount of side spin that you get when you hit off the toe or the heel. The curvature of the face gives you more loft in the upper toe area and less loft in the lower heel area, which helps to keep the ball in the fairway when you mis-hit.

The hammerhead slot is also designed for more forgiveness by increasing the area of the sweetspot, all three designs have the hammerhead slot too. Differences between the three designs are these, the M3 is made for golfers with a lower handicap who can better make use of the Y-track adjustments for fade, draw, forgiveness and speed, that’s why it is the common choice of the three for the pro golfers.

For beginners and high handicap players the M4 is the best choice, it has the most forgiveness and was designed for less experienced players. If you have problems with slicing the ball then the M4-D is the driver for you, it has a draw biased design to help close the face on impact.

Titleist 917 D2/D3

Here are some features that the 917 D2 and D3 share. The SureFit CG is an adjustment that uses interchangeable weights to control the amount of fade or draw. An Active Recoil Channel is used to reduce spin and increase distance. The Radial Speed Face is designed to increase the sweetspot and provide better distance and accuracy. There is a SureFit Hosel with 16 settings for loft and lie.

The 917 D2 is a better choice for beginners or high handicap players. It has a full 460cc head design for more forgiveness and a higher launch angle for more distance. The 917 D3 has a smaller 440cc design that is tour inspired for more workability with the distance.

Callaway GBB and Rogue

All the GBB Epic and Rogue models have jailbreak technology for increased distance. The Sub Zero models of both the GBB Epic and Rogue are designed for minimal ball spin. GBB Epic has a perimeter weight adjustment for fade and draw. This years Rogue doesn’t have an adjustment for fade or draw, but is designed to be more forgiving, and for those who need help with their slice the Rogue model has a draw version as well.

Ping G400 LST, SFT, MAX

All versions of the G400 series are designed for faster ball speeds and greater forgiveness. The G400 LST is a low spin model that adds more stability to your shots and the G400 SFT or straight flight model is designed for more accuracy, to help players who slice the ball. The G400 Max driver is for players who want to get the most distance possible, it has the highest MOI of all the Ping drivers.

Cobra King F8, F8+

Both of the Cobra King drivers for this year have the first new CNC milled driver face design. Here are the differences between the King F8 and the King F8+. The King F8 driver is basically designed for golfers that have a higher handicap and slower swing speeds. The F8 has the most forgiveness of the two drivers, with better distance and accuracy for beginners and high handicap players.

Cobra’s King F8+ driver is a better choice for low handicap or professional players. This driver is designed for tour level performance, having less ball spin and more control for golfers with higher swing speeds.

Cleveland Launcher HB

The Cleveland Launcher HB driver doesn’t have the adjustability that most of the other new drivers do, but that’s because it is designed to give you the maximum distance, higher ball speeds and the most forgiveness in a less complex design. This is achieved with the launcher cup face that has the largest sweet spot Cleveland has ever made.

It also has flex-fin technology for better compression and higher ball speeds, while maintaining accuracy on mis-hits. The hosel design is different too, it is ultra-light and repositioned for better distance and forgiveness.

Mizuno ST-180, GT-180

The Mizuno ST-180 has the most forgiveness of Mizuno’s new drivers. It has less spin than most of the drivers out there, which is good for accuracy, but might not be so good for distance. The ST-180 would be a good choice for high handicap players or beginners. Mizuno’s GT-180 driver would be a better choice for low handicap golfers and has a lot of adjustability for ball spin, it has better workability and more consistent distances.

Bridgestone Tour B XD-3, XD-5, XD-7

Bridgestone’s Tour B Series of drivers has three new designs this year and these are features they have. The XD-5 model is the driver with the most forgiveness of the three and is also the largest at 460cc. It would be the best choice for high handicap players and beginners.

The XD-3 model is better suited for mid-handicap players because of its balance of forgiveness and workability. The XD-7 doesn’t have the forgiveness of the other two drivers, but it has the most workabilty and would be better suited for low handicap players or pros.

Wilson Staff C300

Wilson’s newest driver, the C300 is designed with power holes behind the face of the driver to increase the area of the sweetspot for more forgiveness, it also allows the face to flex which increases ball speed for more distance.