Here is a listing of the best golf irons for 2018 that I have seen and reviewed for having the best overall performance. There are many of the most widely known brands mentioned here, and for each brand almost all of them have more than one iron type or model to choose from. Some have as many as three or four models to choose from.

Some of these models aren’t very different from the previous year, they are just made to have a classic feel and are better suited for golfers that are more experienced or at the professional level. However, there are plenty of new models to choose from that are designed more specifically for either distance, forgiveness, workability or a combination of those features. Any of these iron sets will be a good choice if you are looking for better performance and game improvement over a set you might have from a few years ago.

First lets look at some popular brands used by the pros on the PGA tour, like Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping. Then we can move on to others like PGX, Cobra, Mizuno, Cleveland and Wilson which are still great clubs, but not as common as the brands listed above. Even with all these club sets to choose from there are still many others out there, too many to list!

Titleist 718 AP1, AP2, AP3

Titleist 718 AP1 irons are designed for players who need the most distance and forgiveness they can get out of their shots. These hollow-body cavity-back irons are ideal for high handicap players or beginners. The AP2 irons are tour level performance irons with a solid feel from their forged construction. These irons have a tour level look, sound and feel, along with tour performance for players like Jordan Speith.

The Titleist AP3 irons are the best choice for getting the most distance out of all the three iron types. These irons could be a good choice for any level of golfer, it just depends on where you need the most improvement. Titleist irons are the irons preferred by players like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, among many others.

TaylorMade M3, M4

The TaylorMade M3 and M4 irons are both made to offer more distance and forgiveness with their ribcor design and thinner face. The M3 irons have a more compact design, and good workability for advanced players. The M4 irons have a higher launch angle and better distance with forgiveness for players that have a higher handicap.

TaylorMade clubs are the choice of players like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Justin Rose.

Callaway Rogue, Rogue X, Rogue Pro, and Epic

Callaway’s Rogue irons are their newest design in irons and all of them have a similar construction. The main difference between the three types is that the Rogue iron set is basically designed to have a good balance of both distance and forgiveness which would be good for beginners and high handicappers. Rogue X irons are made to give you the maximum distance, so they could be a good choice for less experienced players with slow swing speeds, either of the two would benefit beginners and average players.

The Rogue Pro irons as the name shows would be a good choice for advanced players to get a more professional level performance. The irons in the Epic series are the Epic, Epic Pro and Epic Star, they are the top-level of Callaway’s irons for performance and they are also the most expensive. Phil Mickelson has always used Callaway clubs.

Ping G400, G700

Ping’s G400 and G700 irons are both great sets. The G400 irons were already really good to begin with, but the G700 irons have raised the bar a little higher. The performance is even better with the G700 irons, they have more forgiveness, distance and send the ball even higher up for a better landing on the green.

G400 irons can still be a good choice because some advanced golfers like a more compact design and they do perform very well. The G700 irons with their added forgiveness and distance could be a good choice for high handicap players or beginners.

PGX 0311XF

PGX makes some really great irons and the new 0311XF irons are basically made to offer the most forgiveness of all their iron sets. These clubs haven’t been around that long but a lot of tour players seem to like them really well. PGX clubs cost more than any of the other golf club brands out there, so unless you have money to throw away, just buy irons of another brand that will perform just as well and cost less.

Mizuno JPX 900, MP-18 MB, MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC

Mizuno’s JPX 900 irons have proven to be really great clubs and are a favorite of some tour professionals. The JPX 900 iron set is available in a tour model as well. There are a few new models of iron sets for Mizuno that were available before the beginning of this year and they are the MP-18 MB, MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC and the MMC FLI-HI.

The MP-18 MB (Muscle Back) irons are a good choice for advanced players because of their workability and traditional iron feel. MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) irons are designed for more forgiveness over the MB’s and the MP-18 MMC (Multi-Material Construction) along with the MMC FLI-HI are designed to give players the most forgiveness and distance of all the MP irons. The MMC FLI-HI irons have a lower sweetspot on the club face for a higher trajectory.

Cobra King F8

Cobra’s new King F8 irons are designed for higher ball speeds, which of course means longer distance. They have great forgiveness and feel for distance irons, good for low to high handicap golfers. These are the first smartset design (Cobra Connect) available for golfers, the sensors screw into the grip ends and track all of your shots to help you lower your score. The Arccos sensors work with the Arccos 360 app that can be downloaded for your smartphone.

Cleveland Launcher CBX, HB

The Cleveland Launcher CBX and HB irons are both good quality forgiving iron sets. The Launcher CBX irons hit very straight and consistent, they would be a good choice for low to mid handicap level players. Launcher HB irons have a very different look and design, they are best described as being hybrid irons and have the most forgiveness of the two models. The Launcher HB irons would be an excellent choice for beginners and high handicap players.

Wilson Staff C300

The new Wilson Staff C300 iron set has a power hole design to increase the sweetspot area. The power holes are located around the bottom sole and toe of the club to improve distance and forgiveness for better accuracy. They are also made to deliver a great feel even on mis-hits.