The golf glove can be a really important tool in the game of golf. There are a few good reasons to have a glove when golfing. One of those reasons is to have a better grip on the club, most golfers who are new to the game need to develop a better grip and a glove can help with that.

A glove can also help provide a golfer with a different feel for the equipment they are using. Like a better feel for the club grips and when striking the ball with a driver or irons. The glove can also help with moisture absorption from sweat or humid weather conditions, including rain. Some other benefits of having a glove are protecting your hand from blisters, since you are using a glove you won’t have to grip as hard, and can prevent getting blisters. Don’t worry about the moisture either most gloves have plenty of vent holes to allow evaporation of moisture.

Golf Glove Materials and Construction

There are three basic types of golf gloves which are leather, synthetic, or a hybrid combination of both materials. Leather gloves will provide you with a softer feel than the other types. They tend to remain soft and bend well at the finger joints, but they don’t seem to have the longevity of the other types. They do stretch, so buy one that is a good snug fit. A synthetic glove could be a good alternative if what you are looking for is flexibility more than anything else. Synthetic gloves are more durable than the leather one’s and cheaper to buy, but of course they don’t breath as well as leather one’s do.

A hybrid type of glove as mentioned before is a good combination of the two materials. The synthetic material is used for all the areas of the glove that require more flexibility and durability. Having leather in the palms and the finger areas that grip the club will provide the golfer with a better feel and grip on the club.

Types of Golf Gloves

There are many types, brands, and styles of golf gloves for a golfer to choose from, when it comes to men’s golf gloves there are two basic types. A regular golf glove is the most common, because it is proportional in the length of the fingers and width of the hand. A cadet glove has shorter finger lengths and a wider width for the hand. Women’s gloves are made in many colors and prints, some are even made with slits or without fingertips so there’s room for fingernail length.

There are youth gloves also, and some golf glove manufacturers make gloves that expand to be considerate of a younger player’s growth. Youth gloves come in many sizes but vary from one manufacturer to another. If you can’t find an expandable glove for a youth, you may have to go with one size larger if you are concerned about growth.

Sizes of Golf Gloves

Glove sizes are obviously determined by the size and shape of a player’s hand. Men’s golf gloves are made in two types of sizes which are regular and cadet. Both regular and cadet gloves are made in many sizes from small, medium, medium-large and large to extra large, xx-large and even xxx-large.

Women’s gloves have a pretty good range of sizes too. There are small, medium, medium-large, large, and extra large sizes for women. Youth glove sizes are generally small, medium, large and extra large, also expandable one’s if available to account for their growth, if you are concerned about that.

Best Golf Gloves for 2018

Here is my list of the best golf gloves for 2018. This list is based on the quality and price of the gloves:

  1. Footjoy StaSof
  2. Footjoy WeatherSof
  3. Ping Tour
  4. Footjoy Pure Touch
  5. TaylorMade Men’s Stratus
  6. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol
  7. Srixon Cabretta
  8. Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII
  9. Bionic Men’s StableGrip
  10. Vice Pure

The Footjoy StaSof is a common choice of most golfers. It is made of comfortable, breathable leather and has an improved grip with an optimum feel. Footjoy’s WeatherSof glove is another common choice of golfers, it is made with leather in the thumb and palm patch. This glove has the durability and soft feel grip you need for all weather conditions. Ping Tour gloves offer a great fit with precurved fingers for flexibility and comfort. Made of premium cabretta leather for a great feel and softness.

Footjoy Pure Touch gloves are made of cabretta leather for a soft and supple feel along with a consistent fit and feel. The TaylorMade Men’s Stratus glove is a good choice for the price. It is made of premium leather and lycra stretch panels for a custom fit, a solid yet breathable glove with good grip. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol glove is another great choice for the price, it has all leather constructions with a great fit, feel and durability. Plenty of perforations for moisture reduction and breathability.

The Srixon Cabretta leather glove is designed to have a good fit and feel. It also has good durability and flexibility at a good price. Nike’s 2015 Dura Feel VIII design golf glove is an all weather men’s glove made mostly of synthetic materials for better flexibility, breathability and range of motion. Leather on palm and thumb for added grip and feel, more expensive than some other choices. Bionic Men’s StableGrip glove is made of genuine cabretta leather for strength and durability. Pre-rotated finger design for a perfect fit. Lycra between finger gussets and top of knuckles for flexibility and breathability, more expensive than some other gloves but well constructed. The Vice Pure golf glove is made of lamb leather for a pure soft feel and grip with great breathability.

How to Choose Your Golf Glove

Deciding which glove will be the right one for you is a matter of what material or materials appeal to you. You will know what you prefer by trying them on and seeing what they feel like. Most likely leather gloves will have the best feel, but a lot of the gloves being produced are a combination of materials, so they have the feel, flexibility and durability.

When you put a glove up your hand you will know if it’s similar in size and whether to try on first. If it fits snug but not too tight and the finger length is correct than it’s probably the right glove. You will want to try a few sizes and several gloves on the list to find out which one’s fit the best, have the best feel, and have the most flexibility.

Check the palm and thumb area of the gloves to make sure there is ample padding or layers for durability. Also, make sure that the wristband part of the glove is flexible and doesn’t prevent movement. If you don’t want to buy a glove when you are out trying them on you can wait and probably find a better deal online, just remember or type a note on your cell phone about all the details of the glove like: glove size and type, brand, and exact model name of the glove.